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Advanced payment guarantees you a primitive campsite on MacRae Meadows. Two-night minimum. (4 night minimum for extra large units, Wednesday - Saturday night). No units larger than 45' accepted. No onsite registration is available. Campsites are available on a firt-come-first-serve basis until all sites are full. At that time registrtion is closed and no more registrations are accepted. In addition of the campsite fee, all campers must purchase a four-day camper's ticket. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED. NO VEHICLES OR BICYCLES ARE ALLOWED AT CAMPSITES. USE OF PERSONAL GENERATORS NOT ALLOWED IN THE CAMPGROUNDS. Electricity and water are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Camping atendents will determine your car parking area due to space limitations. Parking will be provided below Highway 221 in the camper's parking lot. Shuttle service to the overflow parking will be provided after this lot is full.. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN.


Electricity and water where available, 1st come / 1st serve.

FOUR-DAY TICKETS must be purchased for each person camping. The only exceptions are children 4 years and under, and those with special authorization.

Adult $55.00
Children (5-12) $20.00

VEHICLES: Camping atendents will determine your car parking area due to space limitations. Parking will be provided below Highway 221 in the camper's parking lot. Shuttle service to the overflow parking will be provided after this lot is full.

OPENING CEREMONY AND FRIDAY EXHIBITION & MUSIC JAM: Four-Day Ticket will admit any camper to the Opening Ceremony and Friday Day Exhibitions, Friday Nite Celtic Music Jam and Saturday Night Celtci Rock Concert.. Be sure to wear your armband at all times.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES & ILLEGAL DRUGS: Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is one of the largest family gatherings in this nation. We promote family fun in a safe environment. You must adhere to NC Laws and Game's policies. We have too much pride in ourselves, our families, and our clans to violate these rules.
  1. All containers of alcohol must be kept out of sight in bags or boxes and off the tables at MacRae Meadows. The tent keeper must enforce this policy or GMHG Security will handle the situation. [Any violations reported to GMHG SECURITY will be turned over to the Avery County Sheriff's Department]
  2. NC law prohibits open containers of alcohol in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.
  3. No unlawful drugs are allowed at any function.

CAMPER RELEASE FORM must be signed by the head of the campsite. This form can be filled out when checking in on the mountain. The person who signs this form respectively releases GMHG from all liability for anyone in his/her camp-site.

CURFEW Campers on the Games side of the meadow must observe an 11:00 p.m. curfew. Please respect your neighbors and the curfew time by keeping noise at a minimum. This year limits will be placed on Curfew camping; late pre-registration may result in Non-Curfew camping.

This is a 1:00 AM Noise curfew on the non-curfew side.

WATER is available below the Linville Fire Department concession stand on the curfew side of the meadow, directly across the road at the cold water showers, and in the lower camping area below the Yonahlossee Trail. Common Water is available in designated areas around the meadows.

ELECTRICITY is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

ICE will be sold at the Field Office until the Linville Fire Department opens their concession stand for sales.

PORT-A-JONS are located on both sides of camping.

SHOWERS are available with cold water 24 hrs daily. The curfew side showers are located below the pump-house in the woods. The non-curfew side showers are directly across the road. Due to limited water supply, Hot water showers will be available from 7-9am and 7-9pm.

Messages will be posted on the Message Board at the camping check-in area. The number you may give to those who may find it necessary to contact you is in case of an emergency (828)-733-6745.

PETS are not allowed in Camping or any GMHG events. The only exceptions are for special-need pets. For information on kennels, please check with camping check-in. NOTE: GMHG cannot be held responsible for the actions of special-needs pets, registered by state, county or by federal agencies.

OFFICIAL GMHG MERCHANDISE: Visit Everything Scottish and the GMHG office at the bottom of the mountain in Linville for our complete line of GMHG merchandise.

GMHG INFO. CENTER is located at the GMHG office in Linville across from the post office. Tickets, programs, and Games' merchandise may be purchased here. The Center will be open Mon. - Fri., 9:00 - 5:00 p.m. for the months of June and July.