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Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Children's Wrestling Results 2009

Young men light heavy to heavy weight
1st - Ian Mitchell
2nd - Ian Brisley
3rd - David Carriger

Young men middle weight
1st - Christian Carswell
2nd - Robert Litchford
3rd - Sebastian Rose

Young men light weight
1st - Ty Alexander
2nd - Joseph Hoffman
3rd - Sam McCarnie

Young Lads
1st - David Hoffman
2nd - Zach Bullard
3rd - Alex Lopez

Little Lads
1st - Matt Ross
2nd - Zach Russell
3rd - tie Mac Freeman and Alex Freeman

Wee Lads
1st - Carson Lomay
2nd - Sawyer Thompson
3rd- George Allen

Wee Wee Lads
1st - Dylan Kagan
2nd - Logan Andrick
3rd - Bo Norred

Young Lassies
1st - Callie Winston-Ward
2nd - Devon Buchannan
3rd - Finnuala Hanifan

Little Lassies
1st - Shea Jenkinson
2nd - Michaella Hanifan
3rd - Carolina Scott

Wee Lassies
1st - Emma Leigh Russell
2nd - Nadia Fuentes