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Children's Wrestling Results 2010

St. Andrews Society of MacRea Meadows would like to thank the following patrons of the Children's Highland Wrestling. Adrianne McDonald, Clan MacBubba, Kingdom of Raknar, Mrs. Nancy McKay, GMHG, the parents, participants and especially the volunteers without which this event could not take place.

Saturdays Children & Youth Wrestling winners are:

Wee Lasses - Abigail Beaty
Lasses - Evie Monroe
Young Ladies - Chapman Monroe
Wee Lads - Ian Larsen
Lads light weight - Mathew Brock
Lads heavy weight - Matt Ross
Boys light weight - Kaleb Kreitter
Boys heavy weight - Zach Bullard
Young Men light/middle weight - Lauch Monro
Young Men heavy weight - Tim Allen

The following 4 children will be added to the Sam McKay Memorial Trophy: Abigail Beaty, Evie Monroe, Ian Larsen and Mathew Brock.

Sam was a Highland Wrestling competitor on the mountain for many years and was a great supporter of our children.