Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Celtic Harp Results 2012


Solo Categories:
1st Savannah Kahley
2nd Grace Vervaet
3rd Frankie White
4th Frieda Winter
1st Mikela Vaughn
2nd Anna Garrett
3rd Dennis Saidat
1st Valerie Stancik
1st Mike Connors
Special Categories
Harp & Ensemble
1st Mikela and Rachel Vaughn (harp with song accompaniment)
2nd Julie Gorka and Nora Gardner (harp with fiddle accompaniment)
Harp & Vocal
1st Valerie Stancik
Special Awards:
Harper of the Day: In Memory of Dr. Herbert and Ethel MacNeill: Mike Connors
Most Promising Harper: In Memory of Ashley Hamilton: Savannah Kahley
Clan MacNeill Award in Memory of Doris MacNeill: Valerie Stancik