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Piping & Drumming - MacRae Meadows

GMHG and EUSPBA to sponsor Premier Professional Solo Piping Contest.

As a culmination of piping events at this year's Grandfather Moutain Highland Games, a Premier Professional Contest is being offered for the first time. There will be two premier contests, Piobaireachd and double MSR (two marches, two strathspeys and two reels).

These contests will be featured on Saturday afternoon inside the track so that the amateur competitors and community have the opportunity to hear some of the finest players in the country.

A wide variety of piping and drumming competitions takes place on the East Meadow. Piping events include:
Piobaireachd, March, Strathspey & Reel, Hornpipe & Jig, 6/8 March. Piping competitions are held in multiple sections. Open (Professional) and Amateur I-IV.

Drumming events include:March, Strathspey & Reel, Tenor, Bass, Drum Pad, Etc. Like piping, drumming competitions are held in multiple sections. Open (Professional) and Amateur I-IV. There are also specific divisions for Tenor Drum.

Piping and Drumming Schedule and Entry Form 2016

For specific information or entry forms contact:

Sally Warburton
783 Deep Woods Dr.
Marion, NC 28752-9295
(828) 659-8352